Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Friendly Carousel

Is that a carousel I see at the Children's Zoo!?

All the animals are smiling and look quite happy!

Remember running to get the animal you most wanted to ride on?

Mamère! I got him! The one I most wanted...he goes up and down

He's the wildest animal here! Papi says we're fine.

What's taking so long??? Let's get going!

Now we're roaring! I LOVE this ride. Can we go again?? and again???

There is much more to do my sweet...let's go see those goats!


  1. Wow! She's mega-cute on that carousel! Such wonderful memories in the making...

  2. Last comment was me, just FYI.
    Who doesn't love a carousel, really?

    David P.

  3. So cute. Funny about loving a carousel. My sister in law got sea sick, and had to get off! It was going at least 1 mile per hour ;)