Saturday, June 16, 2012

On to the wedding

Yes those are real hay bales

The romantic lanterns hung from the tree under which the ceremony will take place swinging in the light breeze

But where will I sit?


There is still something stuck in my dress!

Mummy will fix it ...let's get this dress underneath your legs

I have a much better idea...standing up and marching with this fabulous parasol!

There did come a time when the photographer had to sit down, and by the way, I did remember to bring 2 pashmina shawls that fixed those hay bales. Zia Giovanna, the dress was perfect for a country wedding, with a parasol!


  1. Is this the dress you smocked? It's gorgeous as is little Zoe.

  2. Sharon said...
    Is this the dress you smocked? It's gorgeous as is little Zoe.

    Hi Sharon, no, I cannot take credit for this dress. It was given to Zoë by a friend of mine and she finally grew into a size 3! It was a perfect little dress for the occasion and an inspiring pattern. I can see you making those fabric roses for the next production! :)

  3. The pictures are wonderful but I agree the dress (on the beautiful Zoe) is the HIT. It is so perfect for the country setting.

  4. I am thrilled to see Zoe in the dress. She looks adorable as always!