Saturday, July 14, 2012

No. I don't want to go for a walk

You can go for a walk by yourself, I told you I'm not going.

I'm still not going and I'm not looking at you no matter how sweetly you talk.

Okay, I'm looking, but I'm still not going anywhere!

The only reason I'm on the grass is because you pulled me here.

Oh for heaven's sake it looks so silly being pulled down the street, I'll go but I'll take my sweet time sniffing and I'm still not happy about this.

Picking up speed, looking good.

Oh no I just realized I'm walking. Halt.

I'm coming back, let's go back.

Now I can see that I'm on the home stretch.

Are you happy now!? Is this what this is all about??? Sheesh.


  1. Let's face it... No matter how much we should and need to walk sometimes it's just nicer to stay inside :)

  2. It makes you wonder how he came by the name MILES??

  3. Have you thought of getting wheels for Myles. It would certainly be a lot easier.


  4. do you blame Miles / Myles? It's hot out there!