Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh the Summer Mischief

As usual it all started off totally innocently.

Marcia and I were to meet for a summer catch-up and possibly a little lunch, coffee, whatever. Just prior to setting out for the proposed salad luncheon, I happened to look on-line to see where the "trucks" were today. Marsh had expressed an interest in helping me locate and test all five food trucks that I'd listed. WELL, the rest is the story.

On our newly revised way to find two of the five aforementioned trucks in

No problem that it was the hottest day on record since 1948. A sweltering (with humidex) 45 degrees Celsius otherwise know as 113 degrees Fahrenheit!

Like two keystone cops we hopped into Marsh's car and off we went. The iconic "Marilyn Monroe" buildings in sight, we were almost there.

There they are!!! THE TRUCKS!!!

What to do? Which One???

The Roman meatballs or the brisket sliders??

No need to worry there is a full contingent of security if needed

The Rome'n Chariot people are hard at work

Bet the Professor's trucks don't sell aprons like this!

Somehow Caplansky is telling us to just get in line!

The wait is exciting, lots of chattering about the food truck phenomenon amongst eager foodies. There is a swift breeze blowing otherwise we'd be blistering in the noonday shimmering heat.

Marsh is shimmering in the line along with suits and briefcases. Doesn't she look especially pleased??

Decision time, which thing on the menu do we choose? Share???

The folks over at Rome are clambering excitedly about their choices.

This needs no explanation, except that we decided it would be a cool weather option.

Why you have to arrive early at trucks...they can run out of cheese curds reducing the poutine to fries with meat gravy. There is a collective groan when the chalk swipes across the board, but no one bolts to the meatball line

We have the cutest servers...that will be two sliders, one order of fries with gravy and two diet cokes please!

Find a shady step to sit on to devour our picnic and high five to a job well done.

We are making up a list of rules for the trucks. Number one rule has to be that there is NO COMMENT on the dietary content of truck meals.
Today, however, we shall eat SALAD!


  1. That is the coolest apron!

  2. Oh I was especially pleased about the "trucks", the choices and the fare! We may yet need a meatball feed on a cooler day. But for sure we need to locate the other three "trucks" for another gastronomic adventure.

  3. I'm very jealous. Your trucks look so much better than my trucks.

  4. Well, at least you ate a balanced meal, thank God you both got Diet Cokes! As you know, I have led a rather sheltered life, and have yet to discover the culinary wonder of the North known as poutine. Someday, someday....

  5. Thanks for the latest in the ongoing adventures of Lesl and Marsh! I think you should go on a worldwide tour of food trucks, starting at the mecca, Bangkok.

    See my favourite trucks!

    Much healthier :-)