Thursday, August 23, 2012

Davey was here

I can tell you that on a street where routinely nothing much happens, this was a BIG event. Our towering ash tree is being treated and cared for in the midst of the "Emerald Ash Borer" that's on the loose. The strategy is to treat for the borer, prune, fertilize and watch for 2 years. We hope this delays having to remove our glorious old tree.


  1. Davey is on our street right now!
    Is the city doing the work?
    Or are you on your own?
    Don't think there are any Elms on our street...
    It would be a big empty space if you had to take that down! :o(

    Good Luck!!

  2. ooops!!!
    I the new look...
    Did you upgrade?
    Or just change your template?

  3. I remember when that "old ash tree" was the baby tree that was replacing the "old birch" that had to be cut down. Weren't all the birch trees on the street destroyed by bugs as well?

  4. Yes Jane, the ash tree is old...we figure 20 some odd years...guess that makes us all a bit older n'est pas? Yes the birch clump succumbed to a disease that often afflicts them, now it's the evil borer. We are hoping our efforts will keep our tree going, but it's a battle since there are millions of these trees affected and it's up to the homeowner to do something about it if the tree is on their property. May be futile, but we'll try.

  5. I love that you love (and remember) your trees. I remember my trees as well.....about 4 years ago we lost the last apple tree on our property. Our house was built in the 40s and before that the whole area was an apple orchard. I think we may have had the last remaining apple tree although there are many, many other lovely trees here now. I do miss 'our apple' tree, though.

  6. We also have Ash trees on our property...two huge ones in the backyard. We have treated them but it doesn't look good. Our backyard won't be the same if they have to be taken down :(