Friday, August 17, 2012

It was her favourite

This is the song. This is the version. This was her favourite.

Jean Gertrude McDougall Rodger October 24, 1917 - August 17, 2008

She was always happy to have a little song and dance and of course, a glass raised. Will do Mum :)


  1. Indeed, well done. You ARE still her favorite. We don't count the earlier years where, like my mom, they didn't know where we came from!!!

  2. Oh Leslie! How wonderful to see your dear Mom "as youthful as ever" and happy, happy, happy. Cannot tell you how MUCH I love your blog and check in every few days to see "what's new"! Uncle Jack & I had lunch last week with the 2 young sisters in Kingston and it was just delightful. Lovely to learn of the new bambino on the way - yeah!! me Melody

  3. What a great smile - here's to the
    memory of your dear Mother!!


  4. How wonderful to see Mother Jean at such a happy time. She was a great lady and I loved sharing time and laughs with her. I'm sure you had many happy memories of her in your mind and heart today.

  5. What a beautiful picture! Our loved ones will live on and on in our memories and our photos.

  6. How lucky to have her as a sister! I have been on the go with odds and sods so missed replying until now. Thanks Leslie for the blog. This is the image I have of Jean constantly running through my thoughts. She is always with me at various moments, throughout the day.