Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day Two

The story goes that Daddy was able to leave for a couple of hours today.
Zoë did splendidly on her own.

Daddy assumes that painting was involved in day two activities.

Mamère assumes that Monday and Wednesday are now official bath nights! Remember this is California and a very "organic" nursery school.
She LOVES it!


  1. What a darling picture. Zoe looks so grownup already. I mean 2 days and she has a new confidence.

    Just adorable.

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  3. I'll bet she does!!!
    Who wouldn't love getting paint all over themselves...and not get yelled at!!!
    She is growing into quite a young lady...

  4. Good for Zoë! Clearly, Zoë has inherited this artistic flair from her mother, but Zoë obeys the rules...the activity was face painting so she painted her face! Jane at about the same age, when provided with paint and paper, decided that the easel, floors and walls were much more in need of a splash of colour than boring old newsprint. Admittedly, my two pre-schoolers were in her company, but it must have been Jane's idea, I am certain of that! Again like her mother, Jane always had the BEST ideas!

  5. She likes getting close to her work!!


  6. another crafty generation in the making. just like gramere, eh