Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For the birds

The birdhouses are finally installed.
The entrances have been covered with copper shapes to deter anyone taking up residence. We had a disaster with birds vacating the premises and wasps taking over and really slumming things up, so this housing complex is strictly for observation.

These little homes have been lingering around for a long time (White Rose was still in existence!) just waiting for a dash of primer and a bit of paint.

My Dad built this one a long time ago. He'd like it perched above his phlox.

This one from a dearly departed friend, Doreen

None of this could have happened without the help of the Professor who gamely installed lattice, and helped in all aspects of placement and hanging. The birds seem to heartily approve and have decided that these are Vanity birdhouses...trying to see their images in the copper! ...and the good thing, they look like they've been there forever.


  1. These are absolutely adorable. Great look. I can't help but laugh though that they are called bird houses but, like Jesus, there is no room at the inn.

  2. How clever and creative you are! I look forward to a photo of a wee feathered friend admiring herself/himself. eduysft 6

  3. Loved the bird houses, have several never thought to put them outside.... Re the wasps don't leave any unplanted containers with dirt in them, we had a huge nest in the only one I didn't plant. By the by this is Wednesday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY...lalalalalala. Lucky you weren't home when I called or I would have sung to you and if you rememeber I wouldn't have made it in Garths chior. XOXO Bonnie

  4. Charming! So delightful - if only some of those fine-feathered tenants had better manners!


  5. Love the lattice and birdhouses!

  6. Great job by the Professor on the lattice work...a very handy assistant, I see..
    The colors look very light and happy....I am sure the wee chickadees will figure out how to get in!!!

  7. yay....word verification gone!!!