Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Always takes longer than you think! Removing hardware, don't forget ...don't close door. Door open for long periods of time. Washing and rinsing with TSP, dry. Taping. Priming with oil...necessitates turps clean up...yuck, dry. Base coat with Benjamin Moore "Philadelphia Cream"...not sexy, but matches siding and trim. Dry. Replace hardware for overnight. Day 2. Remove hardware. Second coat, same as the first. Dry. Replace hardware. Dry. Close door. Goodnight moon!

Very pleased at long last. Door has been original primer white for far too long. It takes a team! Everything has to go away now. Not as quick as you might think :) Love it.


  1. Looks very fresh and new. Congratulations on a job well done..step, by step, by step, by step.....

  2. Good job...
    It is the little things that makes everything look shiny and new...
    I know...not easy... :o)

  3. Bella giobba!! It looks great! I am with you, though, next time we call a sexy handyman to do the work. hehe

  4. Looks great. Gosh, I'll just bet you're glad THAT'S done!


  5. It looks so nice; you'll love the approach in the months ahead. Nothing beats a fresh paint job!