Friday, September 7, 2012

The Big Day

Two afternoons a week, Zoë will go to nursery school. This week, the parents were allowed to stay and see how everything goes. This is how we managed to get a sneak peek at Venice Gardens!

Okay Dad, you did a great job! Hair - check, dress - check, backpack - check.
I'm ready!

Let's go! My Daddy and I walk to school together.

These snacks are great!

It was a very big day for a little 2 year old girl. zzzzzzz


  1. How adorable!! Did it bring tears to your eyes Mamère?

    Lauren A.

  2. Oh sweet Zoë, eager, radiant and beautifully groomed for the first of many firsts. Daddy did a great job of catching all those special moments. The last photo said it all. Sweet dreams little up, as dance class is coming up. The life of a two and a half year old is a busy one indeed.

  3. Pink tights, orange crocs, and perfectly combed hair. The perfect look for the first day of school. She looks like she's having FUN.

  4. She looks adorable with that hair-do...and she seems to be joining in the fun with the other kids...
    And the fact that she was POOPED at the end of the day, says it all...
    Cute as a button...

  5. So so cute! I love the hair and the orange crocs. It looks like she had a wonderful time. Good for her.

  6. A girl on the go! Sweet as can be - and ready to conquer the world!