Friday, September 14, 2012

The latest priming victim

This is one of those slightly overwhelming projects. Simply put, it never got started because the idea of priming and base coating a piece of this size was daunting. Since the front door primer brush was recently hitting anything in it's way, it was the perfect time to get this toy box prepared for a fancier finish.

I am drafting plans to adapt a Betty Caithness folk art pattern to embellish this wonderful piece of wood.

I wonder where that papier mâché pumpkin is?


  1. You are painting again???
    How are the best folk art painter I never disappoint...
    Keep us posted on this one...can't wait to see it!!!
    Wish I could get motivated to tackle something like that...but I need YOU to guide me...

    Have a great weekend...

  2. What an elegant toy chest! Must agree with Linda - you've such an attention to detail in your folk art. PLease take some photos of past pieces for your blog sometime, Leslie! I know others would enjoy seeing your work, too. However you choose to finish this piece, I know it will be beautiful.