Thursday, September 20, 2012

What a party!

What a party indeed! Finally, this fabulous woman had her birthday marked by a special event. The "gym buddies"...won't say how long we've been slogging away in the basement city gym (I should add...some more regularly than others :)) feted "Linda H." at a potluck luncheon. Seventy years old and looking like a youngster! She's our friend, our inspiration, and our creative spirit.

Click to embiggen

This is a good time to celebrate a woman who has shown us how to stare down adversity, and kick it to the curb. If there ever was a testament to the magic effects of continued exercise, Linda is the example.

Cheers Linda, here's to many more!!!
We know you'll get your wish.


  1. I love all our "gym buddies" I feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful group of ladies. We rock!

  2. Great company, great food and an occasion worth celebrating. What more can a person ask for? Thanks for the pictures, Leslie.

    Lauren A.

  3. So wonderful that there was a big party for Linda! She deserves to have someone else look after her and make her feel special. She is true inspiration to us all!

  4. Happy Birthday Linda...
    When I see you, I will give you a Big Kiss!!!
    You are a lovely person...Hope you had a great time..

  5. thanks Leslie.The pictures are great. I had a wonderful time and it was so nice of my gym buddies to do this. I guess there will be no more secrets about my age but I tell myself it is just a number and I am glad I was able to reach it. Thanks to all for the good wishes