Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Are you Tired of Vegas Yet?

I tell you, by the time we got to "The Wynn" we were feeling it!

Alexander McQueen. Again, one of those shops with nobody in them. If money were no object..........(Make sure you click on the photo to embiggen! LOOK at those shoes!!!)

Blahniks! By now I am being hurried along and doing walk-by shootings with my companions waaaay ahead. They had no patience for my jaw dropping finds!

The lobby. All fresh flowers. Stunning.

What can be said. I could've/should've stayed here all day!

By now I am being dragged out of the hotel. But not before this one last shot! Ceilings in the Wynn are as impressive as the shops. THIS is luxury!


  1. It's all about the color and smells and shapes and drapes!

  2. Eye-popping sights left, right, center! Amazing flower-fantasies! You could get those Manolos and wear 'em w/your glammed-up devil's costume, I can see it now...


  3. Gosh, it's hard to imagine the scale of these arrangements, they look so luxurious and massive.