Monday, October 29, 2012

By the light of the silvery moon

Okay, so we're still waiting. We celebrated Thanksgiving tonight with a turkey dinner and there is a full moon shining brightly in the sky as hurricane Sandy threatens the east coast. It is very uncharacteristically hot here in LA. I suggested that a moonlight stroll by the silvery moon might speed things along:)

Until then, this is what happens when someone gets a hold on their Mamère's tinted Burt's Bee's lip balm. Waaaay too much time on our hands out here!


  1. I hadn't been checking because I assumed you would have no time to post!! The colors are so beautiful on the posts and Zoe is just adorable. It's great that you are there because how on earth would they manage??!
    All looks well prepped for the big event! Waiting to hear.

    We are all cozied up for Sandy. We boarded one window because the storm window broke when I was trying to reposition a paint stuck upper pane. Jeff rushed over this morning and took care of it.

    It's exciting on each coast!!

    Work was called off for both of us.

    I hope the lines are still on when the call comes!

  2. I agree that it is important to have your lipstick on when an exciting event is imminent and you need to make a visit to special people in hospital. Waiting can be difficult but is much more tolerable with constant entertainment provided by Zoë.

  3. Well you know how important lipstick is for me - keep painting Zoë!

    We are well and truly saturated here following several days of rain. The wind is beginning to howl so it will be a noisy night. We are wishing the folks who live near the ocean and lakes luck.

  4. You should sign Zoe us as a spokes model for Burts Lip Balm......

    Bonnie from wind........y North York