Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New York New York Las Vegas Nevada

Elliot (the butcher's son) points out my favourite cut of beef...the BRISKET, but only the one he buys (double) and Susy prepares!:) While planning for our trip, we were treated to the best brisket in town.
It must almost be time for another one!:)

and impossible not to include, a quote from one of Jane's, and now Zoë's favourite musicals...Annie "And if this floor don't shine like the top of the Chrysler Building, your backsides will. Y'understand?!!!"

And of course the strip at night...

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the Statue of Liberty! Now I need to go and see the real one. Another road trip!!!

Yes that is a roller coaster running right through New York, New York, and NO we did not go on it. Only in Vegas.


  1. Your fabulous pictures make me want to go back!

    Lauren A.

  2. Lauren! This would be a good trip for the gym buddies! Know any good pilots? :)

  3. Looks like you all had such a blast! They sure had some fun picking and choosing all the architectural details from the Big Apple. Speaking of which - that case of candied apples looked delicious!


  4. I went on that rollercoaster and it was fabulous, but not long enough! I am in for a roadtrip!