Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saturday Dance Class

Still waiting for baby to arrive, so we're off to dance class. You are invited to wear your Halloween costume to class today if you wish. Zoë decided on her "Friendly" witch costume.

Then you find your friend and you hold hands for a special picture.

You have to wait until the previous class finishes.

Oh My Goodness! I wonder if I will be able to manage in this long skirt??

Feet in First Position

Point. Perfect, I'll be fine

Everyone in position to enter the studio walking tall

TAP TIME!!! Hurry Mummy!!!

Oh Mummy! We had so much fun, we had pumpkins, and tiaras and there was a spider on the floor, and our teacher is SO beautiful...

I LOVE dance class!

...and I must say I do rather well at the "Friendly" witch thing :)


  1. Oh...look at Jane...
    I feel her pain...
    And sweet Zoe...nary a care in the world...ahhh, to be innocent, Leslie??

    Hang in there...
    Won't be long now...
    At least you are missing the Hurricane...Sandy, that is!!

    Ryan supposed to fly to New York City for a convention...cancelled...goona be a whopper!!

  2. Lori and I just enjoyed this wonderful account of Zoë at dance class. What an accomplished little dancer she is already. It looked like a great Hallowe'en dance party. Please tell Zoë that Wyatt just returned from his gymnastics Hallowe'en party, dressed as Winnie the Pooh. He had a blast. we sit and wait now for news from California.

  3. The cutest ballerina witch ever!

  4. Nice to know the world has some friendly witches. Zoe too cute and Jane ain't bad either. Very convenient getting out of town before the Enjoy I hope the baby comes soon so you can be put to work, enjoy the sunshine while you can.


  5. Adorable adorable pictures but no hurrying for Jane. Oh dear.