Saturday, October 27, 2012

Still Waiting

Seems like I just got my photos from Vegas in order and we're back in California!

We arrived in Los Angeles on Thursday. Baby brother was supposed to make his appearance on Friday. Yesterday's appointment thought Sunday might be a good day to have a baby.

In the meantime, what do you do while waiting for a boy to arrive?? Why finger painting of course!

There is always that element in this exercise when one realizes just how messy this can get!

That is also the inspiration for going for the gusto!

What happens when you mix all the colours together??

Mummy! Let's get this all cleaned up and I'll show you how we can paint together!

So. We're off to dance class today. Everyone gets to wear her Halloween costume.

according to Zoë, no matter how scary, most of the characters are "friendly" .


  1. Let's hope that tomorrow is the day then. The painting looks like fun; I love the little hand prints.

  2. Can't wait to hear the big news! Best wishes to all.

    Lauren A

  3. Thinking of you out here on the coast and can't wait to hear about the arrival of the wee lad. Sunday sounds like a perfect day to enter the world, all ready for the new week. Keep us posted!

  4. Waiting in anticipation! Looks like you have found ways to keep busy. Have fun!