Friday, October 12, 2012

Taking Time for Tea

This time of year it's nice to take a drive in the country and end up whiling away the afternoon in a tea house. Took the time yesterday to get caught up with missed birthday celebrations and family events.

Now here is something you can do with all those collectable teapots!

A little glue and a small plant and what an adorable little tea table vase.

The main event...the scones, you can take-out, and believe me you will!

High tea with a three tier stand was in order. Scones, Sandwiches, and Sweets!

There is an adorable tea-time gift shop so that you can get the jams and Devon cream you need for the SCONES that you just purchased.

The fall colours are probably at their peak right now, if the rain and wind don't knock them down you could wend your way to The White House.


  1. Tea is just ever so "civilized" don't you think. Thanks for reminding me that I haven't been to high tea for quite some time. I must correct that.

  2. I go by the White House several times a week...but try to MISS everyone from the Tea Party.

  3. Those tea-time treats look delectable! That one square, packed w/fruit must have been quite tasty.

    Dana - you are the LIMIT! Yes, indeed, avoid THOSE Tea Partiers at all costs, methinks...


  4. It was a positively delightful day; somehow it's always about eating with us! It's a sweet little tea shop that deserves regular patronage.

  5. What a lovely way to spend the day..
    Hope you enjoyed your birthday...better late than never...
    Did you buy any of those squares...they look divinely sinful!!!
    Maybe we will get together for a cuppa...soon :o)

    Linda :o)