Saturday, November 17, 2012

A bit early

The Christmas cacti have decided to be like everyone else and start the season off early. I'm not complaining, after all I've nursed these hummers for a year in hopes that blooms would arrive. Tomorrow is the Santa Claus parade in Toronto and I refuse to do any Christmas thinking until after the US Thanksgiving.

More blooms to come.


  1. Not even a nod???
    Mine have been blooming for about 2 weeks...
    Is either one the one that I gave you???
    I guess not...:o(
    Good job, Leslie...
    Enjoy the blooms...
    More to come in March or so...

  2. It's beautiful. How can Christmas cacti ever know when to bloom when there are Christmas stores open all year round? I think they just get together and take a shot. I don't have anything blooming....

  3. Hey Linda,
    Indeed it was your inspiration that got me collecting the cacti. I had not realized the huge variety in colours etc. The two pictured are much bigger and have many stems. The small one you gave me is still not blooming, but may come along with a little fertilizer in the next weeks. I wonder if blooming has anything to do with being pot-bound? Anyway, yes, it is to you that I owe all the credit for reminding me of this fun and easy to maintain houseplant. Thanks.

  4. Leslie

    Nice plant, but how come you still have leaves on your trees? I just came in from "blowing" the last (I hope) leaves from my vast property (even did behind the garage) North Toronto is basically tree naked....


  5. At first when I saw your bloomin' cactus I just about died. It can't be the one Linda gave you, I thought. Mine surely isn't any where near blooming! What am I doing wrong??? Phew! It isn't the one like mine :)

  6. I have just run downstairs to check out my neglected cacti to find that one is covered with blooms and the buds on the other are ready to burst. I would have missed the glory - thanks!