Thursday, November 1, 2012

And now for the spooky part

 It will be a NOVEMBER boy!!!

Not even the spooks started a new baby on the way!!

Here's where we are, in the vintage area of Venice...pretty spooky in and of itself.

Well, it wasn't ALL spooky ALL the time...unless of course you consider this fellow a bit SPOOKY. I certainly do :) Really. Notice the blur in the window in the background??? that's SPOOKY....she's still here!!!

First house is always the house next door where everybody knows your name.

Doesn't take long to get the gist of this game!

Some people will do anything for candy!

This is probably my favourite picture of the evening. Zoë decided just to join in with all the girls running from house to house. It was so very sweet, and exciting for her. The odd thing is that if you look who is taking up the rear to the left bottom of the photo...isn't that a friendly ghost joining in the rush???

Click for the larger view


  1. Oh dear! Babies will come when they come! How nice to be able to wear shorts to shell out candy. Not quite the same here-rainy and cold. Of course, we Canadians are a hardy bunch and the weather doesn't keep the children away, certainly not when the neighbours are giving out chocolate!

  2. That last picture is fabulous! Sure looks like a real ghost in the lower left corner.
    A boy born in November - wonderful!

  3. Wonderful pictures Leslie. I'm sure that you and Larry are really enjoying this special time with the family.

  4. Hang in there...
    I am sure that Jane must be exhausted..
    Zoe looks usual!
    I second that notion about handing out candy in your shorts...and flipflops!!!Great!