Friday, November 9, 2012

Every One is Home

Every one is home now. They are home. We are home. Luca is home. It's all good.

All the little fingers

Luca was born on Sunday morning at 2a.m. Therefore they were not discharged until Tuesday afternoon. He spent a bit of time on the "lights" to get the levels up and no jaundice.

He gamely devised his own solution for being pinned in a bed with a hat on! Little Houdini this one.

He is the sweetest little boy you can imagine. Here he is being swaddled and cuddled in Papi's arms only 4 days old.

What colour eyes will this boy have. I'm thinking they might stay dark like Daddy's. Or then again there is a little glint of blue in them like Mummy and Zoë. It will be fun to watch and predict.

The little family will be busy the next few weeks getting into the rhythm of a new cast member. Luckily Jane has until after the New Year to be home and lending all the equipment needed to nest and adjust.

We'll see him/them all again at Christmas time if we can make arrangements to swing down for few days. How lovely will Disneyland be at that time ???? :)

{All photos taken with the nifty 50 lens and no flash.}


  1. Oh he is beautiful and definitely has blue eyes from my vantage. What a sweetheart. You are all blessed.

  2. Lo and I agree that the last photo indicates this young lad is a true Moran. What a sweet little cherub. All must be so proud. Christmas can't come soon enough to be able to hold that little one in your arms again. Right Papi?

  3. It must have been hard for you to leave the sweet little family at such a tender time. Luca looks so sweet.

  4. Look at that face...:o)
    Looks like he has been here before...looking up at his proud Grandpa...precious..
    Welcome home...