Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Question is....

Whenever a baby is born, we try to decide "who do they look like?" I'm really not sure. Guess the proof is in the pictures. I converted Zoë and Luca's pictures to black and white as the only similar profile of their mother was in black and white film. How things have changed in 30 some odd years. I have no photo of daddy as a newborn.

Jane Alexandra

Zoë Jane

Luca Gerard

There is definitely a resemblance of some sort. Can't wait to see how this all shapes up!


  1. Lori's opinion is that wee Luca is definitely a Moran and resembles Papi and Uncle Gordon. Regardless, he is very handsome indeed!

  2. Beautiful pictures. It's so exciting. I agree with Helen, there is definitely some Jane there!

  3. Healthy and Darling. He looks like 'his own self'.