Saturday, November 3, 2012

We are now resorting to "The Salad"

The Professor and I have not been wasting time since our arrival in OCTOBER! The baby was due on October 26th, and in an effort of controlled expediency we arrive in LA on Thursday October 25th. Friday the 26th. nothing happening.

Saturday the 27th. is dance class and you all saw the results of that plus a little walking and shopping results.

Sunday, October 28th. and I decide that a little post-Canadian, pre-American Thanksgiving might do the trick. Turkey, mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, stuffing, gravy, Pumpkin pie and whipped cream. NOTHING.

Monday the Professor and I do a few errands and come back and help decorate the nursery. There is now a jungle theme for the little guy which is so totally appropriate. For sure this is will help.

Tuesday, the grandparents take Zoe to the LA Zoo. All the animals over there have given birth. I was wishing Jane had been with us in the caboose of the bumpy tram ride! They were just fine at home.

Wednesday, October 31 is a particularly busy day with carving pumpkins, fired-up preschoolers anticipating candy, and it is decided we will try and walk Jane around Santa Monica! That night we all had a grand time watching Zoe interact in the dark with her friends and neighbours while Jane stayed home and ate all the Kit Kats!....I must say we couldn't have handled one more thing that day, so just was well "He" didn't come that day.

BUT and this is a BIG's now NOVEMBER!

Seems like the best thing is for Mamère and Papi to take Zoë back to Disneyland. This will work for sure. If we get gone to Anaheim, that kid will be furious and want to be here.

So, now it's 7 days the grandparents have been paying attention and once again we have a 2 year old who only makes the height restriction for part of the rides, but we gamely go on all of them again, thinking....for SURE they'll call from the Doctor's appointment saying she's being induced! Somewhere in the depths of the Pinocchio ride line-up the Professor is wildly flailing his arms to get my attention. Jane reports that ALL IS FINE. FINE.

Autopia bumpy car ride, Alice's Adventure, The twirling tea cups, Dumbo, The carousel, Pinocchio's adventure, Peter Pan's adventure, meet with Mickey Mouse, Finding Nemo submarines, Mr. Toad's Wild ride, lunch, 18 million gift shops, the night time parade....the outdoor tram ride back to the parking lot. At this point I swear I could have given birth myself had I thought hard about it!!!!

The Docs are waiting until at least Monday, November 5th. But likely the baby will come before that. They've monitored everything, it's all perfect, just not ready yet.

This is where the salad comes in. Yesterday, Someone at the park told Michael about a restaurant that sells a 'maternity salad' and it worked for them. The restaurant is situated 45 minutes from home, but I told them to get going immediately! Michael and Larry started out and got in some traffic snarl up and then worried that if things got really bad Michael might miss the birth of his son, so THEY TURNED AROUND!!!!

I'm just on my way over there to pack the baby bag, put them in the car and send then off for lunch at Caioti's. They purport that things happen 12-15 hours after eating the salad.

Maternity Salad

Make sure you watch the video....

While they do that, we're back to dance class and looking into changing our flights! We WERE due to fly back on Thursday, so we might have to stay a little longer. We'll see how the salad goes. I'm hoping for a Sunday Grandson!


  1. I say go get some and quickly! I remember eating fresh cocoanut prior to Alyson's birth and it prompted speedy delivery. That's just too much advice I'm sure. Good luck to all.

  2. All the best - the baby is taking his own sweet time, is he not? Well, can't say as I blame him. Comfy digs, no rent...who could ask for anything more? :)