Friday, December 21, 2012

A little bit of home

Just in case we get nostalgic over Christmas, we can always run down the Pacific Coast Highway to Redondo Beach. You will never guess what they are importing now!


We love diners so I think this find merits a road trip:) You have to be Canadian to understand Poutine, but this certainly looks like a very authentic take on our National concoction.


  1. Already planning where to eat, eh Leslie???
    Diners are the best,but definitely not good for the old cholesterol levels!!!
    Do you know, I have never had poutine??? NEVER!!!
    Fries and gravy...yes...
    Wes stop at a country diner in a "dry" county on the way to Florida, and the food is deelish!!!
    I also see a beer in that photo...NOW you're talkin'...

  2. Poutine? A delicacy I can't wait to try!