Saturday, December 22, 2012

Celebrating a year of Christmas

This is "Miss Winter White" that started it all. She bloomed yesterday, the first day of winter

Last year, Linda, the queen of plants, renewed my houseplant interest by giving me Miss Winter White. I was told to fertilize and pinch back after blooming and BE PATIENT! Lo and behold, it worked!

These plants come in so many variants of reds and pinks as well that I couldn't resist. They are all in bloom just in time for Christmas.

It's exciting to have the windowsills in bloom at this time of year!


  1. Do I understand correctly?? The plant Linda gave you, at the same time she gave me one as well, is BLOOMING!!!!! What am I doing wrong? Mind doesn't have a bloom on it :(

  2. DEVON! it is the same one! Did you feed and pinch??? Yours is probably still breathing deeply and in downward dog:) I'm sure it will bloom for the New Year! LOL

  3. Hey you 2...
    Obviously Leslie is a better pupil than you are Devon...
    Good job, Leslie..
    Go to the front of the class..
    Devon....I will see you after...

  4. I am in deep shock. Leslie, yours is glorious! Mine is alive and thriving, though naked and bloomless :(((. Clearly I am not a good pupil and have a brown thumb. Help!