Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas knitting

Let the reindeer games begin! The latest stocking for the latest member of the clan is finished.

The little sweater and the scarf are extras. I went to a fabulous yarn shop in Santa Monica and started these quick knits....thanks to Carol who rhapsodized about walking on the beach in California in the winter. I'm sure I would never find this cotton yarn here. As it was, I didn't get the exact same coloured yarn, but it's still very "earthy" and something my Jane will wear.

While I was in the shop, I came across a quick and easy little baby sweater to whip up as well. Turns out while attending to a two year old, one doesn't whip up much, other than a frenzy when she "helpfully" brings you your knitting off the needles. No matter, Luca will love his sweater on the beach when his Mummy sports the scarf.


  1. Go to the head of the class!!!!!!
    The stocking is perfect - for the life of me I can't figure out how not to struggle with French knots. They mark the perfect twinkling lights. That sweater is just plain ADORABLE and trust me, Jane will love the scarf. You are inspiring me to make a pink baby sweater.....

  2. Just beautiful. Your handiwork is amazing.
    Lauren A.

  3. Leslie

    You never cease to amaze me. The stocking is beautiful and the sweater and scarf are too, I love "just a little thing I whipped up". You are incredibly talented and Beckie would be sooooo proud.


  4. I love that little sweater!!!
    SO cute...and the stocking is fabulous...
    I agree with the others...
    You are a true artisan, Leslie...
    Kudos to you!!!
    Jane will love the scarf...
    Is mine ready yet!!??

    Linda :o)

  5. I can't wait for our winter walks on the beach in matching knit clothing! The 2-year-old "helpfulness" is enough to drive everyone crazy around here...

  6. Beautiful work Leslie. Perfect finishing touches to a busy and happy year in your family.

  7. Charming! What lovely gifts - and what a wonderful gift you have, Leslie!


  8. such a talented mama/grandmama!