Thursday, December 27, 2012

What a difference a month makes!

Due to a later than expected arrival, we only had a few precious days with Luca when he was born. We knew we'd be coming back at Christmas and we Skype frequently so we're up to date, but there is nothing like holding a new little one.

Luca is a much more serene baby than Zoë was. He eats, sleeps and is now starting into the play sequence. He's alert and can focus for long periods of time on the mobiles and zoo animals prancing the perimeter of his change table and room.

He has an adorable smile when it can be coaxed out of him and a very darling laugh. His eyes have remained blue and we think they will stay that way. I take these pictures with a low light lens and no flash so it's a bit difficult to see...but they are blue!

He is indeed a very sweet boy and we've had a wonderful time seeing how splendidly the little family are getting along and growing. With Uncle Gordon here it's a real treat for our family to have everyone as well. We miss Rach, but thanks to a wonderful bottle of Scotch they brought back from their recent trip, we can toast her and wish for another time en famille.

Today, Papi and Mamère are off to Disneyland with Zoë - one more time - before Zoë turns 3 and has to pay! She has our itinerary all mapped out and we hope to arrive a bit later, and hopefully stay late enough to see those famous fireworks that frame the magic kingdom and the castle.

The rest of the gang are off on a local hike and it promises to be good day with temperatures in the low 60's and a bit overcast. It is cooler than normal but perfect weather for moving around with active toddlers, and there is NO SNOW!!!

This is a good idea after the wonderful Christmas dinner that we were treated to. The first time our kids have hosted the traditional Xmas fare. Christmas-Wife-Saver never tasted so good after a very early morning flight from TO to LA. There is nothing like the special honey hams you get here with the turnip puff and scalloped potatoes and green beans. Jane even made a superlative apple pie! There are no end of cookies and treats...we should do this every year!:)


  1. Oh Leslie...
    He is a darling, for sure...
    Don't you just love the snuggly feeling when they are wee like that...
    Not having to cook Christmas Dinner!!!
    I am STILL waiting for that delight...
    I cooked vegetarian,gluten-free lasagna for Christmas Eve...and a gluten-free turkey and all the fixin's for Christmas Day...PHEW!!

    Enjoy your trip to Disney...
    Say hi! to Gord for me...
    And tell JAne and Michael, that their little family is gorgeous..

    See you when you get back...we got TONS of snow last night!!!

  2. What a cutie-pie!!! Jane and Michael have done it again!
    Thanks for sharing the pics and a toast in my absence!

  3. He is absolutely adorable! Enjoy your time in sunny and warm L.A.

    Lauren A.

  4. Little Luca!! Oh he is just adorable!! I'm so glad you are having such a wonderful time. I'm sure Disneyland was terrific. The California life is grand. love to all!!! Dana

  5. lESLIE: Thanks for the pictures of Luca. He really is a darling baby boy. Did Zoe grow that fast?

    I just can't believe he's becoming
    so boyish.

    We have had the snow machines out and roads are clear, but the city is white.
    Love to everone, Mom.

  6. Greetings ma soeur,
    What a darling little muffin Luca is! His calm appearance makes me think he would be an ideal mate for Bowie, who shares the same temperament. Your Christmas sounds wonderful from the Xmas Morning Wife Saver right through to the last crumbles of sweets. How perfect to be with your son and daughter and her family and I can understand you missing sweet little Rach.

  7. Luca is a beautiful baby. Enjoy him while you can!

  8. Another cutie patootie! Have fun.