Monday, January 7, 2013

3 year old imagination

Sitting around one afternoon while Jane was nursing Luca in the "Au Lait", Zoë decided to play some sort of game with the kiddy lip gloss that she got for Christmas. I suppose it was necessary to get her her own brand as opposed to using up all my Burt's Bees!

She loves the word "makeup" but it would seem it's even more important that the "makeup" is a family who enjoys tea parties.

I'm sure Jane will be wondering why in the world I posted this, as it is mostly a lot of babble and then "smushing" the whole dog and pony show to end.

Just one of those days when I thought this was amusing.


  1. Its tough wanting to have a tea party but also having to tell the "babies" (?) that it is time for bed.
    Who needs dollies when anything can stand in.
    Love her imagination and bless mom for playing along.
    So cute!


  2. Oh that is so charming. What a lovely little family.

  3. I will comment when I hook up my speakers that I got for Christmas!!!!
    Jane's face is priceless!!!

  4. "O-kay, O-kay!" WHAT a little QT she is, a charming family scene there!