Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A good cold weather diversion

My interest has been piqued of late by embroidery.
 Pam Garrison and Charlotte Lyons do such charming work that I decided to unearth a project that I enjoyed many years ago. This will serve as my practice before launching into more ambitious pursuits.

I love "easily transportable" handwork and it is "in vogue" at the moment, so will spend the next episodes of Downton Abbey satin stitching away! I really need the practice. Either my eyesight is dimming or I'm losing the touch....either way, practice makes perfect?


  1. You certainly have the hands of a true artisan, Leslie...
    Those are AWESOME!!!
    How much better could they get???
    Bravo...well done...

  2. Beautiful Leslie, just beautiful!

    Lauren A.

  3. They look perfectly beautiful to me.

  4. So lovely, what an even hand you have. I see you share this hobby with Cora, Countess of Grantham. Wonder what she's making enthuse scenes?


  5. "my eyesight is dimming or I'm losing the touch" --not mutually exclusive for me.

    Nice to see these again Les.

  6. How lovely. I remember doing those exact ones years ago. Excellent workmanship ma soeur and a perfect pursuit on these cold, very bright days.

  7. I'm loving these beautiful embroidery pictures. You've inspired me to start again.