Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A good reason to learn how to play the ukulele

My friend Helen has a ukulele just like this one.

I'm counting on my friend Helen to learn this "Boom-Dee-Ya-Da" song, perform it with her group and then teach me how to play.

I need to get a ukulele. Maybe when I'm in Hawaii!

Since the ukulele group are all teachers I shall have to point out that the spelling of the lyrics
"Daysies"(Daisies) and corresponding rhyming "sugar pies" (sugar peas) should just remind them of The Compleet Molesworth


  1. I love it!!!!

    Hope you made it in time for you hair appt.!

  2. Sorry but I will be unavailable for quite some time. I must focus on a new ditty on my "uke". Very cool. How did you come across this?

  3. I have a red uke just like this... And a natural wood one.......