Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Movies will never be the same

Sunday, in Marina Del Rey, my daughter and I attended "Les Misérables"! The lastest idea from AMC Theatres in select cities is "dine-in movies". We were lucky enough to get the handicapped seats in the very last row since they were not booked. It's quite the set up!

Cinema Suites is an upscale movie theatre with comfortable, premium recliners-aka barcaloungers :), an extensive menu, an over 21 age policy, full cocktail bar and service at the push of a button.

Once you figure out the feet up chair back buttons, you're all set to order!

Jane took full advantage of being out on the town and away from kiddies to sit back and tuck in!

This is not a milkshake!

This is what I'm talking about. Movies will never be the same after this experience!

The Green Apple Martini to start

Even the screen actors like the concept. Hey girl! Out of my martini!!!

By the way....we loved the movie. Great afternoon.


  1. Those pictures are hilarious!!!
    SO glad you and Jane got away for some Mom and Daughter time...
    Perhaps you and the Professor should look into a franchise, and bring this experience to us Canadians...
    AMC looks pretty darn cheesy right about now!!!!
    The movie looks fabulous...
    Perhaps I will get to see it...

  2. How fabulous. Next time wear your silk pajamas and bathrobe with lovely velvet monogrammed slip-ons. Looks like a wonderful outing and what better way to get away with Jane. Perfect!!!!

  3. You know how to SEE a movie! I gotta find a place like that.

  4. I won't tell the ManuLife Centre it's no longer # 1. I guess the martini beat the hot dog too.


  5. Wow! We went to see "The Hobbit" New Year's eve and I would have killed for a way to stretch out my legs. The movie was 3 hours long!