Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm hoping that if I post this today, my parcel will arrive in the late delivery.

I'm waiting for my "New Year's" cards to arrive from Shutterfly. That is the only problem with Shutterfly. It seems to take a snail's pace from the time your photo cards are printed until they make it across the border.

Having only recently shifted from sending Christmas cards to New Year's cards, it's a learning curve. I'll get this right some time. From now on, conditions permitting, I'm taking a summer picture and placing the order in November!


  1. I had quite a hub-bub with the end of the conversation, I had my order of address labels FREE!!! They constantly send me promos, and they usually don't work, and their shipping fees are outrageous...They want $13.99 to ship address labels!!! They are like an envelope!!!Needless to say, I am sure there is a big RED STAR on my account!!!
    Still waiting for my FREE labels, by the way...I usually only take advantage of their 100 free pics...and I get all my photos for my cards done...SO....I guess they do serve a purpose...after all..

    Hope your cards arrive ASAP!!!

  2. Well....did they arrive???
    My labels arrived yesterday...after I commented...guess they read it!!!

  3. Yes! So did my pictures! Guess we should complain more often :)