Monday, January 14, 2013

What to do What to do???

What do you do when you arrive at Disneyland, intending to stay late for the fireworks, only to find out that there are so many people in Fantasy Land that it is temporarily closed??

After your initial shock, you decide to stay and go to Downtown Disney, which is not a part of the park itself, see how things go, and try again THREE HOURS later!

Here's what you do. You take a look in all the shops.

You build some Lego things.

You learn about parrots.

You enjoy the ice rink and wish you could do that too! Next year when you will be 3.

After looking longingly at the on-site hotel, warming up, and wishing you could get a room, you go back the way you came and look at more Lego.

Wave goodbye to Mickey and Minnie.

Hope that you can get in now as the sun in setting and it's getting cold.

At the request of the almost three year old, you go immediately to the Small World ride.

You delight at all the lights in the park coming on to a countdown


The entire Small World had been transformed to a world of Christmas!
 This remains one of our favourite rides.

Try a new ride that is on your wish list and open this time. Casey Junior Circus Train.

Ride in the wild animal cage of course!

One last spin on the carousel

It is now getting very cold and the fireworks are an hour off, so following the wisdom of our very patient and understanding granddaughter, we say goodbye to Disneyland and the castle all covered in snow and lights.

Next time we come, we will all be a year older and we will have to pay full price. I think that will require a stay in the hotel nearby and a nap between exciting events!
 For Mamère and Papi for sure! :)

All photos taken with my iPhone. Not bad for such low light conditions.

What were Luca and the other guys doing at home? Warm in their beds watching the world go by!


  1. What a great post and wonderful photographs. However my favourites are of Miss Zoë and Papi. It would be difficult to find a more proud and happy grandfather. They remind me of happy days quite some time ago of Daddy and Miss Jane. Just lovely.

  2. Awww...too bad you missed the fireworks...I'll bet they are spectacular...
    Great shot of Papi and his girl!!!
    The castle looks glorious at night!!

  3. Great pictures and considering how tired you must have been...a true trooper for sure.

    From this angle sweet little Luca looks so much like his sister!!

    Lucky both.