Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Five Years

February 13, 2008. 5 years ago. My first blog posting!

It was conceived in Paris with the help of my daughter in our little apartment on 6 Rue du Cherche Midi in Saint-Germain-des-Près. There were too many pictures to email taking too much time, hence the blog.

I was only reminded of this during the snow storm last week. It was said that we hadn't had as much snow since the huge storm exactly five years ago. I knew I would have taken a picture of this event, and in researching, came up with the pictures of having left Mississauga in a snow storm only to arrive in Paris, just in time to climb the Eiffel tower on Valentine's day.

These are pictures I took on a magical visit to Oahu to celebrate Dana's birthday. We looked after a freind's house and two little daschunds. This time, I will be seeing some of the same things, and some new, traveling along with The Professor and nephew Mark. It will be like old times. When Mark and his sister were very little, we had them with us every summer from Princeton to Switzerland. We saw a lot of battlefields in our days together. Here we come Pearl Harbor!
Come along with me!

Mahalo for having been here so long. Here's to FIVE more???



  1. Have a wonderful trip. Enjoy the warmth of the Islands. Lesley Jane, still waiting for the #2 delivery, is VERY jealous and wishes you Aloha.

  2. You were my inspiration for starting my Kudos to 5 years...time well spent...
    I thought you weren't leaving for a few more days...if not...Aloha...and have a fabulous I am darn sure you all will...

    Are you posting from there???

  3. Best wishes to all in Blue Hawaii. I have to get back there! Keep us posted please!

  4. Actually, my memory of why you started the blog was that you kept email all of us with your exploits in Europe and we enjoyed them so much, we felt that you had to keep on writing them, where ever you were. Hence, the blog.
    Regardless of the correct reason for the blog, it is great and your primary actress and now actor in the blog, Zoe and Luca are definitely stars.