Friday, February 8, 2013


Everyone is home today. The only sound outside is the skitch skatch of shovels on the laneways and sidewalks.

The snow is still coming. In gusty swirls. Winter in Canada.


  1. Don't miss it, not one little bit!

  2. When Michael and I went out this morning at 7:45 to shovel, it was eerily quiet. No one in sight and no cars on the road. I don't know why we bothered so early since it will have to be done again. What is hysterical is watching the dog trying to find a spot to do her "business" since all the smells are covered over in the snow. I have never seen her move so fast!!

  3. Wonderful shot of your shed, Leslie...
    I don't think I have ever seen it before...
    I don't miss the snow...skyped with Erika and Vivian this am...she showed us all the swirling twirling snow and wind...oh well...
    We had a thunder and lightning show last night...supposed to also be part of the huge storm system..
    We had our morning beach walk...and are off to do a wee bit of shopping...

    and I agree with "me again"...!!!

  4. I hated it when I was outside doing the skitch skatching.

    Loved it when I was inside, warm and cozy, and you were outside making skitch skatches.

  5. Love those snow cushions on the chairs! Hope you are indoors, making a nice cold-weather dish...