Wednesday, March 6, 2013

He's everywhere

King Kamehameha

"Today, iconic statues honor King Kamehameha’s memory, the most famous King Kamehameha Statue stands across the street from Iolani Palace on Oahu. However, the story of the Kapaau statue has a history that’s far more intriguing."

I missed seeing this statue in Honolulu, and only heard a "local interpretation" of the statue in Hilo.

This is my photo of the original statue found in 1912....quite a different interpretation!

"Forged in Florence, Italy in 1880, the ship that was ferrying it to Honolulu sank off the Falkland Islands. Believed to have been lost at sea, a replacement statue was commissioned and was erected in Downtown Honolulu and has become one of the most photographed landmarks on Oahu. However, the original statue was miraculously found and recovered in 1912. The restored statue was then installed near Kamehameha’s birthplace at Kapaau."

...and this is my picture of the statue in Hilo

"More recently in 1997, a new Kamehameha Statue was dedicated in Wailoa State Park in Downtown Hilo on the eastern side of Hawaii Island. Hilo was Kamehameha’s first seat of government and is the still Hawaii Island’s capital city today. Every June 11th, on Kamehameha Day, each of these statues is ceremoniously draped with flower lei to celebrate Hawaii’s greatest king."

He was an imposing King

In trying to pronounce the King's name, I was always reminded of the quirky song "Sama Kama Whacky Brown" by The Brothers Four. I can't find a youtube of it but it might be something for the ukulele!


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  1. Did you see the movie "the Decendents" with George Clooney? It is just great!