Friday, March 1, 2013

Hilo Volcano - Kilauea

This was an extremely long day of travel to and from Kilauea. Our young driver, Pavey was an insight to the way of life on the Big Island.

The boys are really excited about the Thurston Lava Tube. To me it's all a little prehistoric... a la Jurassic Park.

Kilauea Caldera
It is extremely cold, wet and windy up this mountain, so could not get many clear pictures. This is a huge crater.

Steam Vents

Visitor alert: High amounts of dangerous sulfur dioxide gas may be present in areas of the park. That's all I needed!

This was stinky!

With all the wind, steam and blowing sulfur it is amazing that this little plant has adapted!

Steam vents are hot and like a sauna

We finally reach the summit

Ke 'a weo i ka lani

Reddish glow lighting up the sky

We were very happy that we had taken a tour that ended up late enough to see the glowing crater. We were also very happy that someone else was driving home in the pitch black after a long day.


  1. I love all your pictures. But the one I LOVE the most is that ROOSTER! I hope he is staying there for awhile.

  2. Great, great photos.....this post and last. Love 'em!