Friday, March 22, 2013

On my window sill today

It took a year of patience for everyone to feel at home enough to put on their finery. At last, the girls are excited about the prom tonight and have put on their best dresses. All frills and exquisite sparkles.

 Worth the wait for sure!

Click on the picture to see her spectacular sparkle! She'll dance all the dances


  1. Beautiful...well done, you!!
    What makes those petals sparkle so??


  2. Well look at Miss Greenthumbs!
    My favorite house plant is blooming beautiful over at your house!
    Well done, Leslie...

  3. Yes Linda! I did just as you said and purchased the poor little sale items that only needed a bit of fertilizer, water and time. They are doing splendidly. Quite a satisfying result!

  4. David,

    I'm not sure why this one sparkles so. On the recommendation of Linda, I got these two for $1.99 on the sale rack in the grocery store a year ago and had no idea what they would be. Just lucked out. It must be some sort of violet variety. Quite the surprising little dazzler, n'est pas??
    Did you get to the fabulous Philly Garden show???

  5. Hi, LJM...yes, had a great time at the Flower Show! Do try to check out the YouTube clips foks have posted (not me!). The "Big Ben" video that ran on the hr. was an MTV-style tribute to Brit music/culture/comedy. Saw a floral
    Yellow Submarine, crown jewels, elaborate Alice tea party, more! No Downton Abbey tributes...a missed opportunity!