Monday, March 11, 2013

Whales and Tails

Whale watching. The Kona coast

SPOUT!! 3 o'clock

Looks like there are quite a few...there---two of them!

We could be here a while, might as well get comfortable

Meanwhile, in another area of the rocky coast, another crew are vying for attention. Can you spot little lava kitty??

There had to be a woman involved in all this yowling

Not sure why grooming has to be a part of this episode, but cats just do that!

Oh! WOW! Someone has spotted us...Showtime!

I'll just do a little move here, see if there is applause

What ingrates! Not one round of applause for the cats. They are ALL looking out to sea. I mean, if you've seen one whale you've seen em' all. Let's get out of here Lava boy!



Cavorting for the crowd?

I mean enough is enough isn't it!!! Is this whale giving us the flipper????

All's Whale that ends Whale :)


  1. Wow, that is SO amazing!!

    Lauren A.

  2. I would just like to say that I personally think that cats deserve equal billing to whales and I appreciate your pointing them out!