Thursday, April 25, 2013

An older goodie

Since signing on to NETFLIX largely at the instigation of my kids, to watch Kevin Spacey's "House of Cards", I've become obsessed with NETFLIX. We loved House of Cards and eagerly await it's next season. I've been watching all sorts of little films none of note really, but whatever takes my fancy at any given time.

NETFLIX has a way of figuring out, if you watched this movie, you will like this one, and if you bite....on it goes.

The headings are:
Top 10 for Leslie (well, it says Laurence because I used him to procure the account)
Popular on Netflix
Romantic British Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead
Feel-good Comedies
Heartfelt Foreign Movies
Cerebral TV Shows
Because you watched Beautiful Lies
Because you watched All Our Desires
Because you watched The Winslow Boy
Because you watched Dean Spanley
Because you watched Queen to Play
New Releases
Recently Added
Popular on Facebook

I've been watching primarily on my iPad. I wanted to have movies to watch on various flights that have little to offer. The only thing is keeping the iPad's battery charged.

I finally caved and watched this one. "Exit Through the Gift Shop". I had heard about it, and thought it wouldn't really be of interest, but it kept coming up as one I would LOVE.....and I did. It's just so quirky you can't stop watching. It will really give me a new outlook on street art in Los Angeles. I love Banksy in Paris, but I had no inkling of the amount of "work" going on in LA. I'll be on the lookout.

My capture of Street Art in LA

Now I'm on a new mission. Let's go find Banksy and MBW!!


  1. Too much bacon and buttermilk will do this!!!
    It is a known side effect...
    Be careful Leslie...very careful...

    Why weren't you at Fitness??
    Of course...I know...
    You were eating bacon, dipped in Buttermilk, while watching a movie on Netflix...

    Nice life, Leslie...
    I love it!!! hahaha!

    1. Well, I actually was dealing with buttermilk. Today I made buttermilk raisin muffins, Helen's recipe. Yummy. I wasn't at fitness because I had to go and get my passport renewed. Then I hit my ankle on the car door and I'm hobbling again. Will try and get there next week. Save my spot! :)

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  2. We are new to Netflix and always on the lookout for suggestions. So far, having been exposed to Netflix in the U.S. first, my only disappointment is the huge difference in the volume of what's offered here in Canada.