Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It just happened

Yesterday, I was downtown helping Helen babysit her beautiful grandson Milo.

Milo is now 9 months old. When he gets fussy, we all parade around and the two grannies sing whatever song comes to mind. For some unusual reason, we tend to come up with 'golden oldies' to which Helen capably does the harmony.

My dad always sang about the two old ladies locked in the lavatory, but I couldn't recall anything other than the chorus. It seemed like a good tune at the time as we were amusing Milo at the edge of the bathtub. (Don't ask)

Since Helen had her laptop with her, not in the bathroom, but later downstairs, we decided to Google our latest ditty, and came up with this version. Milo was totally amused and luckily can't understand most of it.

He did, however, clap to the refrain. Don't tell his parents. That sort of disclosure will come soon enough when he can talk.

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  1. I'm the granny on the left I hope, as I never want to wear the shoes on the right! Maybe if I keep my kerchief tightly secured around my vocal chords I will keep them in better condition for harmonization. That was quite a compliment! Thanks for being such a great auntie. Milo does adore you!

  2. What a riot!!
    Much more saucy than buying ble ribbons and staying too long at the fair!


  3. This is a classic Red Pine Camp song! Next time you should sing "he was a big bad man he was a Desperado!"