Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning

It all started with the ceiling fan upstairs which had a significant amount of dust on its little rotors. One thing leads to another and I'm reinventing my blog. Too much time indoors with rain and sleet and wind....this may or may not have been a splendid idea. We'll see. I'm completely changing my blog, so there will be interruptions from time to time. Please excuse the mess.



  1. Your blog is looking fresh and fabulous! Keep up the labeling; I am looking forward to browsing your blog by topics. If this nasty weather continues at least I will now have much good reading material at hand while I hunker down at home. --lennie--

  2. Good for you, Leslie...
    Lots to look at in the sidebar!!!
    Are you going to put "blogs" back in??
    I can't get my headers to fit...
    1200 wide??

  3. Love all your graphics! Have been meaning to get around to more focus on that in my own blog--you are inspiring me! Although I don't yt have a cute grandchild to feature...

  4. What a great new look and such fun to travel back to earlier posts. You picked some of my favourites already. Go girl!