Saturday, April 20, 2013

What do you think?


  1. Interesting but how come they show white, thin women? Not alot of women of colour. Why is being beautiful SO important, so if you aren't good things aren't going to come your way? Watch it a couple of times and you see it differently.

    1. Interesting the way you interpreted this Devon. I saw equal representation of ethnicity of both women and men. I also thought that the message of the piece was to see the beauty that we are, and especially not to be so hard on ourselves as others often see us as more "beautiful" (in the full sense) than we ourselves do. I felt that the expression of each woman was an honest portrayal of how she felt about herself, only to find that others saw them differently. I don't think the word beautiful necessarily means facial validity in these terms.

  2. I see this is as an important project. If we stop assuming others see us as we see ourselves and feel the same when they see us as we do when we look at ourselves we are free to be open to all the possibilities of relationships. Beauty products have always tried to sell us low self esteem and finally a product is selling us a positive acceptance. Of course it shouldn't go unnoticed that they sell cleansing products.

  3. I like these Dove ads, particularly the ones aimed at young girls. I think they are trying very hard to dispell the image of "beautiful" as only how we define physical attributes. I too appreciate this venture by dove and I do like the soap too :)

  4. I use Dove vanilla scent..
    I am beautiful...
    Mission Accomplished...

  5. You see this is what I'm saying. You ARE beautiful, I'd be able to tell the forensic guy that! I could probably even describe your earrings:)