Thursday, April 11, 2013

What to do

Thanks once again to Ina, here's what to do if you have these ingredients on hand. I NEVER would have thought of this combination, but we oohed and aahed over this one last night.

I happened to have bacon, leftover (already cooked) salmon, and avocado (because once again I succumbed to 3/$5.00). I did not have Ciabatta bread and I forgot the arugula part, but it was still a reviewable success.

Cooked the bacon and then heated the salmon in the renderings (thanks Dana:) Made the guacamole with a little salsa added in for the kick. I just toasted my thin sandwich bread and in the excitement, forgot about the arugula. I only had iceberg anyway, as I'm shying away from the fancy lettuces until they assure me they know how to properly clean them.

This is the original recipe, but I can tell you that it adapts well. Enjoy!

Credits: Ina Garten salmon and guacamole sandwiches


  1. Looks delicious...
    Sounds delicious...

  2. I don't recall the restaurant, but I once had a grilled salmon and tomato sandwich that was delicious. Your dinner surely must have been fantastic! Everything's better with bacon :-)

  3. So hungry now...


  4. You didn't tell me that you forgot the arugula*—whatever that is. I'm sure it would have made all the difference in the world.

    * "arugula, arugula, arugula" don't you just love the sound of it?

  5. I'm glad you followed up with a post. I've been thinking about this ever since our conversation.

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