Monday, April 15, 2013

Why the chicken?

The rooster pictured in the newly reconstructed banner resides at the Mountain Thunder Coffee plantation in Kona, Hawaii. People wonder why I'm so heavily into poultry at the moment. Just going through my latest Hawaii photos and there appear to be a plethora of chickens etc. on the Big Island. They each have their own story.

On our most recent trip, our intrepid driver, nephew Mark insisted that we find this particular brand of Hawaiian coffee. There is lots of coffee in Hawaii, but this must be the best as it is $55.00 a pound. If you would like to come over and enjoy a freshly brewed pot, you had best hurry up. We savour this luxury on Sundays while seated and consciously being aware of the aroma and taste. We risked life and limb not once but twice on various mountainous, winding, perilous roads (not to mention Canadian customs) to get our pound. I was always on the white-knuckled cliff-side of the car :)

Thanks Mark, we never would have done the drive ourselves and really appreciate this excellent Sunday decadence.



  1. I have only one comment: your new blog layout -- especially the "you might also like..." feature -- has caused me to stay up late, past 2 a.m., for TWO nights running now, as I navigate through your older posts. It is addictive. Much more of this and my mornings are going to require very strong coffee, perhaps even stronger than Hawaii offers......

  2. What time is good for you, tomorrow?
    I would love a freshly brewed cup of Java...especially if it is from Hawaii...