Wednesday, May 15, 2013

About going back

We returned to our "home town" of Ottawa last weekend to celebrate the 90th. anniversary of our high school. The Professor and I both went to Nepean High School in Ottawa. He graduated in 1964 and I graduated in 1967. The school did an excellent job of recreating the atmosphere of 90 years of learning.

The drama group played a large part in bringing many eras back to life.

I loved this little one in her 1920's outfit. The shoes are perfect! It could have been 1923, right there.

The school is very fortunate to still have an auditorium, a band with instruments, and a wonderful choir. Great music program.

These people took up their seats just like it was yesterday!

The halls were very creatively decorated.

The kids entertained in various venues and were terrific.

This picture says it all to me. Remember when you just had so much fun?? That was one of the most interesting things to me, that the area I grew up in was, and still is, a community. You knew just about everyone, if not personally then as a neighbour, someone's older brother or sister, an acquaintance from an activity were just part of it all.

Everyone who was lucky enough to attend and connect with friends from the past felt very happy to have survived as long and as intact as one can be at this point:) It was a great reunion and a job well done by the staff and students at old NHS!


  1. You have captured some great moments of the grand 90th NHS Reunion. I guess the next will be the 100th. It will be interesting to see how intact we are by then. If I am intact at all, I plan to go; just don't let me forget! Hopefully we will all be there together in the halls of old Nepean once more. I'm looking forward to more posts on the 90th and hope you are still blogging by the 100th.

  2. Looks like a good time was had by one and all...clever decor and outfits, too.
    All those smiling faces, must have been big-time fun to re-live those memories!!
    I had a VW Bug, about the same color, family hand-me-down, as I was the last kid.