Sunday, May 5, 2013

Myles Again

Myles has been here for a bit this week. The favourite toy this time is the tennis ball. One has to be very careful not to step on tennis balls, trust me.

If I eat all my dinner can we play?

I'll catch you throw, please, please, please, WOOF!

I told you I can't throw, but I'm not giving this up until you come and get it! Please play.

Keeps us active having this guy around from time to time. Dog owners have my utmost's a lot of work!


  1. Such an adorable wee face. I think Miles must get away with most anything at home and away. Enjoy.

  2. He's really so funny. He's also terribly photogenic which adds another dimension to his care!:) We love him to bits and always enjoy his little visits. It's true, all you have to do is say "SQUIRREL" and he barrels out the door barking like a maniac, and charges the fence...the squirrels in our neighbourhood are traumatized, as are the rabbits. Great way to keep pesky critters out of your yard!