Friday, May 3, 2013

Pillow Talk

The other day, the conversation turned to "how often do you change your pillows?" Not unlike turning or rotating the mattress in the spring cleaning effort, it was announced that renewing pillows should probably be at least an annual event as well. I have to say that Ikea makes this entirely affordable. They have the most wonderful pillows that come in different lofts. It's very difficult to find a "skinny" pillow these days, the one I personally prefer.

Mission accomplished. New pillows, rotated mattress, still just standing and sighing over emptying the entire china cabinet contents. Spring is definitely in the air now :)


  1. Leslie We got the greatest pillows at Costco. Not to thick but are cool on one side and are very comfortable. Spring cleaning SUCKS especially when you collect everything.........


  2. Oh, yes, it sure is hard to find skinny pillows!
    uh... I think that I have the same mennonite made feather pillows from when I was married (the first time). 25 years ago. I don't use them (I have allergies) but I give them to guests :) Guess I should replace them?