Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yesterday I went to the gym

It's interesting and slightly improbable that two women who were both "Head Girl" in the 60's, at Nepean High School in Ottawa, are now workout partners at a city gym in Mississauga. Even stranger, that they live across the park from one another. Today's conversation was of course on the High School's 90th. anniversary celebrations this weekend. Reliving the stories of the old days and how cute we were as "cheerleaders", I was asked to post a picture of us in our prime. In our own minds we have not changed one bit.

Sue McGregor Canon 1966

Leslie Rodger Moran 1967

The darling cheerleaders 1965

You'll have to find us!

In reality, we both confess to fatter knees, a few more wrinkles and more difficulty jumping, but in our hearts we remain the same, and probably have more fun now than we ever did.

I will be attending the reunion with The Professor...who was years ahead of me :) Looking forward to seeing everyone again at old NHS.



  1. That would be THREE years just in case anyone thinks it's a lot more than that! We've known each other for 50 years!

  2. Are ya ready? O-KAY!!!
    Come on Leslie.....give us a cheer!
    Have lots of fun at the reunion!

  3. Leslie haven't changed a bit. However it is reassuring to know that we culled out significant others out of the herd 50+ years ago and we obviously got the best ......hope you enjoyed the reunion.


  4. OMG, I would recognize both of you anywhere! Truly, neither of you have changed a bit!!!