Sunday, May 26, 2013

Today in the garden

Another unusually chilly day in the garden. I have been taking in the tender annuals at night and sheltering them in the garage or covering them in the garden. The lucky container tomato gets to spend the night inside the dining room doors with the tender herbs. I think this should only have to happen tonight and then temps will rise and it's every bloom for herself, but will watch the reports. There was such a heavenly scent on the breeze this afternoon, it made me pause and get the camera. There is a little path up to the shed just perfect for a little one to amble amongst the intoxicating aroma. A little Zoë or a little Luca would be nice.

The end of the heavenly lily-of-the-valley. One more vase full, one more happy surprise at such a tiny plant and and enormous impact


  1. Lovely shots, Leslie...
    The turquoise and lavender look fabulous!!
    Love those Lily-of-the-valley!!

  2. Gorgeous, I can imagine the scent of every single image!

  3. Wow! Such delicate colors...fragrance must have been amazing. Cooler weather makes more work...but keeps some of those blooms around a few more days so there ya go.